I'm working freelancer for 3 months now and still my website looks like nothing. It's just a logo and a form where you can enter your details and leave a message. Good enough, but nothing for a front-end web developer/designer. You need to show something on the web if you're working for the web. Somehow, I just never managed to get this website up and running in the past few months. I have been working hard for other clients and really got some stuff done. But with my own website I was just never satisfied. Until today(or yesterday I think) when I finally got the feeling with the mockup that I wanted. It actually started when I launched this blog. I wanted to create a new style for this but in quickly evolved in something that should become my main site.

I'm actually most happy with the font I'm using. Here it is:


And with this post, I'm releasing the sneak preview. I hope to develop this idea into the actual site over the next few weeks. Let's get that pressure on!