In America everything is backwards

I noticed this one right away. Locks go in the wrong direction, doors open in the wrong direction

They love shots

Especially girls. Almost every night I go out there's girls buying me drinks. It's very clear that it's the cheapest way to get drunk. Beer's are extremely overpriced and cocktails are just very expensive. It's easy, cheap and fun. People love it.

NYC is not America

Not so much my own observations but people have been telling me this all the time when I was shitting on America. No, in New York people generally like Hillary Clinton, there are Deli's instead of supermarkets and people are very openminded about different cultures and sexual preferences. This makes me like New York very much and the way people talk about the rest of America makes me kind of scared.

"Yeah, and you haven't even experienced the real America yet..."

There is soo much to eat

Possible the best one on this list. New York has so many options for eating out.
The only one that's harder to find is a good, reasonably priced supermarket so you can enjoy that delicious home cooked meal.