The last couple of days I started talking to some people about what the right track for me is. I have a couple of months of easy going runway left before I really need to start making money and I need a proper direction. I can study in my businesses time, so why not do so.

I have been intrigued by JavaScript and it's not so sudden revival. For the past few years I have been trying to get myself in JavaScript shape, but have not succeeded so far. That's when I discovered MeteorJs. A complete web framework for quickly building apps. This brought me back in to business. They recommended reading the book: Eloquent Javascript by Marijn Haverbeke. This got me kickstarted. It's been written excellent. It gives examples and really tough challenges in it's online coding sandbox. It's been a real challenge so far, but it made me a better programmer up until now.

So, as of today we're going to start teaching myself in JavaScript and Node.js - the actual system this blog is running on.


So I bought three books today. The first one I already started reading in, but an online book is not the same as an actual physical book. And two books to start on after I finish the first one. I'm having a clear vision on where to go now. Sometimes this happens suddenly. A moment or a couple of moments where everything comes together and you see everything a little clearer.