More than a year ago I wrote an article on Learning Node.js and how I was loving it. A little more than a year has passed, frustrations came and went, Udemy courses were devoured and my vocabulary of curse words has expanded significantly. But, this week I was finally getting the feeling I was getting a grasp on Node.js and webdevelopment.

Finally I got the feeling that all the hours of building websites and apps and throwing them out because I felt I messed up somewhere were leading up to something. I was finally experiencing the "practice makes perfect" feeling.

The last several projects stuff is getting better and better. One of them was setting up a payment system for PartyWith, so users could become supporters of the app. The other one that's still very much a work in progress but can be seen as my pet project is Party List. A crowdsourced directory website for the best clubs in the world. And there are more ideas in my head already that I'm eager to start with, like a job marketplace for freelancers like who have the time and are willing to spend that time on social projects. And there's stuff I still need to improve in. One thing I really want to learn and set up is automated deployment of my Node apps on Digital Ocean.

The best resource for learning this stuff to me was the Web Developer Bootcamp by Colt Steele. It starts at the very basics of HTML and CSS(which I skipped) and then jumps into JavaScript and ends with Node. I think this one was easier for me because I had most of the basics down. But using this course and Google to expand on it I have yet to come acrosss a problem I can't solve.

Being able to learn while working and work while learning has made it possible to really speed up learning this stuff. That's great and I'm finally at a point where I feel confident I can use my newly gained knowledge it practice.