Since January 1st this year I exchanged all my previous expectations of my career for something completely different. My education as a museum expert seems worthless now as I am starting out in the field of front-end development. What are my learnings and experiences three months in?

Jobs seem to be everywhere

One thing I was very keen on sharing with the world is the ease of finding jobs as a developer. Actually, you don't have to go looking for it. Ever since my LinkedIn profile reads "front-end developer" I have had about 15 private messages from recruiters(I turned them all down so far).
Luckily I already had a job as soon as I started out and a week later I had two jobs. One more week later I had three and could say I was fully booked. Now everything seems the quiet down a little bit and I might need to start looking for more work.

Then the following happened

I was at a party celebrating the 5th year anniversary of my previous employer. I knew quite a lot of people at the party and when I came in, everyone was already pretty drunk. People wanted to talk to me, hug me, congratulate me on moving on. And... they offered me jobs. Three jobs to be exact. Kind of crazy, right? I thought so.

So, they probably didn't follow up?

They actually did. Last week I got a confirming message over LinkedIn and today had a meeting with one of the biggest startups in The Netherlands, and it was actually a good meeting.

I might be starting out and inexperienced, but I do get offers. And even though these offers don't always lead to actual jobs, I do have the meetings and learn from this a lot. Especially as a freelancer it's very important to be in touch with people and to keep you network warm. You may not be interesting to them now because you don't have the knowledge(yet) or they are just looking for something else right now, you might as well be interesting to them next week, month or year. Keep in touch, make people like you, be friendly and open.