Hey there everyone. You might know me as someone who never has any new years resolutions. But this morning I was listening to a couple of podcasts like I do almost every morning, but today, as it's January 3rd, a lot of them talked about resolutions and their goals for 2017. This kind of inspired me to set some goals for 2017 as well. So, here we go:

Build up a portfolio by self briefing projects

I need some kind of portfolio going into the new year. I have been working on a lot of stuff but nothing which I have been able to call my own. And that's just the thing I need: Something to call my own. So that's the first goal on the list. I already thought of a couple projects I want to work on as soon as I get back from the United States. A very much business oriented goal.

Write one article every week on jaap.ninja

I have set up this blog about a year ago. And before that I have had many blogs. The only thing is I never had breath enough to make it really work. This is something I really want to do: publish an article every week. It can be about the stuff I am learning, about freelancing, about design or even traveling. As long as I publish at least something every week. This one is for all my readers.

Set up a agency like business for at least one project

Another one in the business category. I haven been working for my self the last year and while it was really great. Sometimes it was really lonely and I felt I didn't have anyone to really share my experiences with. So the last couple of weeks I started thinking. I want some big new client with a challenging brief. For that I'll probably need some more people to work with. So I might set up a project with a couple of freelancers. Like a sort of pop-up agency. I might be the projectmanager or designer and we would get a developer and start a joint project. I might need to work this out a little but this sounds like something cool and might be the next step in my business.

Get The Pilot Crowd live

This is more something about finishing what you started. About a year ago I joint a friend of mine in his business venture. We started The Pilot Crowd. The Pilot Crowd helps pilots refinance their student loans through private crowdfunding. I started this project but because of me and my friends busy schedules we haven't been able to get it off the ground. As soon as I'm back from New York I will set this in motion. I can't wait to get my hands on this one.

Study at least once a day on JavaScript

Last year was me discovering a new career path and venturing into the unknown. A lot of that was learning and orienting myself in the world of JavaScript. I learned a lot and go to know a lot of stuff, but this year, I want to take it to the next level and and start working one day a week on my JavaScript. This will mean I'll dedicate a day a week to reading, practicing and developing with JavaScript.

Get a better morning routine

I'm not terrible at this. But I can be more consistent. Usually I wake up pretty early. But every morning is kind of chaotic. This could be because for the last I don't know how many years I have had roommates that can mess up your routine, but it's also me. I want to start doing yoga and meditation to keep my body and mind in shape and eat a healthy breakfast everyday. This one also segues nice into the next and final goal:

Go running at least once every week

Preferably I do this 3 times a week. But that has been hard to keep up the last couple of years and I fear it might have been overkill on the good intentions. So, at least once a week is the goal for now.

So, that's it for the resolutions. They came very natural to me. This morning during my breakfast I literally came across four different podcasts talking about their goals for the new year and it inspired me. I have been thinking about it the whole day and when I sat down tonight in my bed, the words just started flowing. This is a great sign for the next year: because even though I caught the worst cold I've had in ages, I feel good about the year to come and have a lot of ideas and energy to pursue it.