It's been quiet on the blog. That's fine because I was super busy. First I went to Portugal with my girlfriend and visited Lisbon and Porto - more on that later - and then I moved to New York. Yeah, you read that right. I exchanged my beloved Amsterdam for New Amsterdam, the city that never sleeps, the big apple, Gotham, Libery City. The startup I work for, Party with a Local, moved to New York city because we got accepted into Techstars Connection in sponsorship with AB InBev - the largest beer company in the world.

A really big step for me and the team and a great opportunity for the business. And we're really happy we got through the very tough selection procedure; it validates our business once again. Through the program we got in touch with so many new and awesome mentors and companies. It's also a great opportunity for me. I get to travel and live halfway across the world and meet inspring people and see inspiring places. Just working with the nine other selected companies in such a fast paced environment creates an edge to your focus you'll find nowhere else in the world. It's amazing.

I have to admit, NYC is a little crazy for my liking. It's full on. The moment you step out the door you're surrounded by people. Sound levels are way up there compared to Amsterdam. I went back to Amsterdam for a weekend after two months in New York and the silence was beautiful. But I can't complain: the city is great, there is always something on, people are a bit rushed but generally very friendly and eager to make contact.
Over the next few weeks I will share some more of my observations and experiences. And also I'll make sure to write something about my trip to Lisbon.