So as I was using a couple of the products in the list below I wanted to start a list to keep track of all the resources and apps that are most useful to me. Conveniently I had the back-end of this blog open and started typing everything in I was using on one day. Pretty soon I had this listicle ready to go so I guess we're publishing this thing.



Designing is a big part of my workday. From wireframing to mocking up to revising to more revising. It is a big part of my job, so there it goes:


One app to rule them all. Sketch is the king.


Color pallets made easy. Don't lose track of time when browsing all these wonders. They have made it so easy to look for new and interesting color palettes you wish you they built this year and years ago.

Culture Colors

Beautiful gradients on the fly. I just discovered this one but I am already using it in my own website.


Still using this old, steady beast. Loving it. Need some dummy text while designing or coding. I think this one works better than Hipsteripsum or which other variant.



After design comes code. Usually I do this almost parallel to designing. Coming back to sketch to work out how things should look before going at it with the code.


Easiest most flexible framework. Just set it up with SCSS. The only thing you need to figure out is how to make your website stand out from all the other websites. Just start messing with all the variables.

Sublime Text

Pretty much the best code editor around. I know there are others which are pretty good, but this one does it for me, I got used to it.


My one stop shop for all my coding problems. Period.


This app has a little bit of a steep learning curve, but once you take the time and get the hang of it, it handles all of your boring tasks of running build systems on your code. Everything gets compiled, frameworks can be added as needed to your project and it's always watching for changes. I don't think there is a Match for CodeKit.


The basic terminal on OSX is pretty good, but iTerm2 brings so much functionality to the table it's hard to go back to the standard terminal after you've used it.



As I am a freelancer I need software to do my accounting, invoicing, contracts, time tracking and, last but not least, email. I feel these couple of programs are the best I have come around.


As a freelancer, you need to track your time right. This makes it as easy as pushing a button. Adding clients and projects is a piece of cake and the reports are very detailed and easy to export.

Google Apps

Google has to be in this list. Practically my whole business runs on Google. It's the silent force behind all that I do. You can argue it's bad practice, privacy-wise. But c'mon! Mail, Drive, Photo's. It's all at Google. They offer a lot for just a small amount of money.


The boring, but important part of running a business. Invoicing feels very natural through Moneybird. They keep track of the time past since I sent it, they have great templates.



During those dull moments of not having work of being stuck in a difficult coding problem or just not knowing what to do with a client or maybe having a designers block, this is what you need. Inspiration...

I don't use a lot of these websites for inspiration but this one is incredible. Just websites. No order, you can just scroll around and click away. But the curation is incredible good. Just for trend watching alone it's a great choice.



To listen to all the tunes I need. Only sometimes when I'm more excited about something I listen to electronic music. This usually happens on Soundcloud.

TuneIn Radio

For relaxing after and between work I'm using TuneIn Radio to listed to podcast with my eyes closed. It better for the all too common eyestrain after working for too long. Nowadays I'm listening to Radiolab, Startup, Sampler, Reply All and I'm forgetting one but I'll add that one later.


Every day you discover new tools and resources to work with. Every day you're giving up tools. But there's always a core of tools you use everyday and they become irreplaceable after a while. I usually think this is a scary thing, but it turns out alright after a while. Take Evernote. I didn't think I could ever live without it. But then Apple Notes came around I they just replaced it. I didn't need all the fancy note taking abilities of Evernote. I just needed a place that worked on all my devices where I could store everything that might need storing. Apple Notes is just that.