Working with Sketch is a pleasure. As you can read in one of my earlier posts I recently started doing all my design work in Sketch and have since not used Photoshop or Illustrator except when I needed some details on an old design. One of the great things about Sketch is that there are already a ton of plugins that make your life so much easier. That's why I decided to write a list of the plugins I am currently using.

Sketch Notebook Pro

This little plugin helps you a great lot when you need to share your design with a developer to get all the font sizes and dimensions right. You can easily add a notebook to your artboard and start adding your annotations with a couple of simple shortcuts.

LINK - $7.99


Craft by InVision LABS

Craft makes working with Sketch and InVision much better. The ability to sync your designs directly to the InVision prototype saves me a ton of work and makes managing the multiple screens so much easier. There's also auto duplication based a grid, document and universal text and design styles and a Pexels integration for automatic downloading files. Can't live without this one anymore!

LINK - Free

Lorem Ipsum Dolor

Need dummy text? This simple plugins get the popular Lipsum and feeds it into your text area. You'll never have to leave sketch again.

LINK - Free


Icon Font

Get icons from FontAwesome and other icon fonts directly from within Sketch. No more looking for the right vector icon. They are all within clicking distance all the time.

LINK - Free

Unsplash it

Fill objects automatically with Unsplash images. No more looking for nice placeholder images any time soon.

LINK - Free

Magic Mirror

Easily fill product mockups with your designs. The one thing that was missing compared to photoshop. Use with this freebie to get started right away!

LINK - Free