The best workflow for me when building a website is designing it first from head to toe. I need to know where which element should be placed: pixel to pixel. My favorite tool for the job is Sketch.

Sketch helps me design faster and in a more organized manner. The tools are easier to find and the learning curve is incredibly smooth. I started working with Sketch just a year ago and already feel more familiar with Sketch than I do with Photoshop. A ton of plugins (i'll write up a list) for prototyping and easier and quicker design make it thé go to app for all your design needs. And all that for just $100,-. That's all.


Since I started working with Sketch I only occasionally went back to Photoshop. The only thing I really still use it for is photo editing. All the design work I used to do in Photoshop and Illustrator can be done in Sketch, so why not do it?